worry less & focus on running your business


worry less & focus on running your business



Launch by LegalShield makes it easy:

  • Answer some questions (required to complete your filings).
  • A lawyer from your law firm will call within two business days to consult with you.
  • We’ll handle the paperwork and filing with the province.


C-Corporation (General for Profit Corporation) helps protect your personal assets, access valuable tax deductions and breaks, and enables the company to take on investors

Personal Liability: Separates personal assets from those of the business.

Structure: Establishes a formalized business structure so you can accept money from investors.

Investors: Allows for issuance of stock with no limit on the number of shareholders.

Taxation: Profits are taxed at a corporate rate; and if distributed as dividends, they will be taxed again.

Residency: Citizenship or permanent residency is not required.

Credibility: A C-Corp enhances your business’s credibility with clients and partners.

Launch by LegalShield makes it easy to register a Canadian Corporation! Complete your purchase, and a lawyer will call within two business days to consult with you on your business, then we’ll automatically handle the paperwork and the filing. PLUS, you become a LegalShield member with access to a dedicated law firm. Your law firm is available for unlimited consultations, contract reviews, employment questions and more.

Canadian Corporation
Starting at $145


1Do I have to provide three names?
No, you do not have to provide three names. However, the more names you provide, the greater the chance that at least one of the names will be available for filing.
2If my first choice is not available, will Launch by LegalShield notify me as to which of the alternate names is available?
Launch by LegalShield will perform the preliminary name check in the order in which you list the names and will automatically draft and file the documents using the first name that is deemed available, which may or may not be your first choice.
3What if none of the company names I provide are available?
If none of the provided names are available according to your state, Launch by LegalShield will contact you.
4What are the requirements for company names?
Naming rules for corporations and other business entities are province-dependent. Some words may be prohibited and some words may be required. For General For Profit Corporations, required company indicators generally include Inc., Corp., Incorporated, or variations thereof. For Professional Corporations and Non Profit Corporations, different naming rules apply which also vary by province. Launch by LegalShield will perform a preliminary name audit to ensure that corporate names meet requirements.
5Does this address have to be in the state of formation?
Of the provinces that require a business address, only a few require the business address to be within the province. Launch by LegalShield audits each order for business address requirements prior to filing documents. If your entry does not satisfy your particular jurisdiction’s filing requirements, Launch by LegalShield will contact you for an acceptable address.
6What is the incorporator?
The incorporator is the person who signs the company’s Articles of Incorporation and brings the company into existence. For General For Profit Corporations, in most provinces Launch by LegalShield acts as the incorporator. For Non Profit Corporations and Professional Corporations, Launch by LegalShield cannot act as incorporator; therefore, you must provide the incorporator info as requested.
7Can Launch by LegalShield act as incorporator?
Launch by LegalShield is able to act as incorporator in some provinces for General For Profit Corporation filings. However, in a few provinces – and in all provinces with regards to Professional Corporations — you must designate an individual to be the incorporator.
8What is an BN used for?
The Business Number can be likened to a social insurance number for a human being, but instead of identifying an individual, it identifies a business entity (the corporation). It is used for tax purposes.
9Who should be the signing officer?
The signing officer can be any officer of the corporation.
10Is the social insurance number required?
Yes, the social insurance number of the signing officer is required by the CRA.

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