Our Elite Kit Includes:

  • LLC seal and embosser
  • High quality slipcase for your LLC documents and LLC seal
  • A safe place to store your important LLC documents


Our LLC Elite Kit includes your corporate seal and Embosser plus other essentials for a totally Professional Business Image.

Our Elite Kit includes:

  • LLC Seal and Embosser
  • High Quality Slipcase for your LLC Documents and LLC Seal
  • Articles of Organization, when ordered at the time of initial formation
  • A safe place to store your important LLC documents

To get the Elite Kit, simply check off this item when completing the order to form your LLC, or order at any time from this page. 

Order an LLC Elite Kit for your Business
Starting at $100


1Why do you need my LLC name?
Our Elite LLC Kit includes a hand-held steel embosser (company seal) with your company name, and year and state of formation.

In addition, the kit includes a binder and case embossed with your company name.
2Why do you need the state in which my LLC was formed?
Our Elite kit includes a steel, handheld embosser with your company’s name, state and year of filing.
3If I have special instructions for my order, where can I put those?
Any special instructions regarding your order can be put in the comments section.

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