Get Back in Good Standing

  • Determine what you owe in back fees
  • We identify the required paperwork
  • We handle filings with the state


Corporations and LLCs are required to make regular filings and pay the required fees to the state to remain in good standing. Failure to follow the requirements can result in involuntary dissolution. This can happen in your home state or in states where you are qualified as a foreign entity. These sorts of mistakes are not uncommon. The right reaction is to file for “Reinstatement” as soon as possible. In addition to the document requesting reinstatement, it will be necessary to catch up on outstanding fees and filings. Launch by LegalShield can prepare your Reinstatement request and submit the paperwork to any of the 50 states. Let us bring you corporation or LLC into good standing with the state. Call us now or click below to request Reinstatement with the state authorities.

The process is simple

  1. You provide us with basic information about your business.
  2. We create the documentation that you need.
  3. You sign the documents and return to us for filing.
  4.  You’ll receive Certificate of Authority from the State and you’re done.

File for Reinstatement
Service Fee only $199


1What if my corporation falls out of good standing or is involuntarily dissolved?
In the event that your corporation or LLC falls out of good standing or is involuntarily dissolved, most states will require that the entity file a Reinstatement to restore to active status and good standing. To ensure that your corporation or LLC is in full compliance with its corporate formalities and is restored to active status and good standing, we can prepare your Reinstatement documents for your review and submission to the appropriate state agency for any of the 50 states.
2What if I don't know why my filing date is?
Generally, information such as filing date and filing number can be found on the original articles of incorporation/organization. If you are unable to locate your formation documents, we will research the state database to obtain the number on your behalf.
3What will happen if my company fails to register or designate and maintain a Registered Agent?
Failing to register and designate a registered agent may foreclose or hinder the company’s ability to legally enter into contracts and gain access to the state courts. Moreover, it may subject the company to monetary, civil, and possibly criminal sanctions. Also, failure to maintain a registered agent may cause your company to fall out of “good standing” within the state. This will subject your license to do business within a state to forfeiture, with monetary penalties assessed to reinstate your company to a “good standing” again.


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